[Ansteorra] Period novels [was Newcomer Question]

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Yes, it was. That is what the movie credits said. Say movie haven't read the
novel so for those who have - is there THAT much sex in the book??

Mistress Bunny

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> I think that movie was probably based on the Alexander Dumas
> novel:  "Queen
> Margot" (which I have not read).  This is first of the  "Valois Romances"
> story arc.  The second is "Lady of Monsoreau" or "Chicot the Jester"  (my
> favorite Dumas), and concluding with "The Forty Five Guardsmen".
> from http://www.cadytech.com/dumas/oeuvre.asp
> Not *light* reading, but good,
> Walter Robin

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