[Ansteorra] Bjornsborg Crash Space?

Suzanne Powell suzanne_powell at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 14:45:12 PST 2001


I am hoping that someone in Bjornsborg will be able to offer crash space this

My fiance (Ld Angus de Botha) and I will be coming into town to house hunt.  I
was recently laid off from my position with a consulting firm here in Stargate,
but today I accepted a position with a consulting firm in Bjornsborg. (The laid
off part is why we need crash space instead of hunting for a hotel in the
area.)  I'll be starting work on Monday, December 3rd, so we'll be spending the
next couple of weeks packing.  We're hoping, though, to find a house this

We'll only need someplace to sleep, we'll take care of our own meals.  Any
offers out there?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


HL Suzanne de la Ferté
Stargate/Westgate, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Suzanne C. Powell                            Houston, Texas
                                   suzanne_powell at yahoo.com

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