[Ansteorra] Re: Estrella War: who's Going?

Cobalt60@lcc cobalt60 at lcc.net
Sun Nov 18 21:55:05 PST 2001

 Good day  to all who read this.
It is said that a great  war will be held in the Kingdom of the Outlands
known as Estrella War. I Brian du Val ask this question..........Who is
going ?
It is in February 13 -18 2002. If you are going please contact me, as I will
be going. I will be organizing the Rolling Thunder  Forces as their New
Warlord.  I hope to see my fellow Ansteorrans at the war and to fight beside
you! If you are going please contact me and let me know. I would like to
speak to you.

                                                    Brian du Val   :o)

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