[Ansteorra] Ice Axe

Mr. and Mrs. Fryday fryday at swbell.net
Mon Nov 19 20:20:52 PST 2001

Any Heavy Fighters that can't make it to Ice Axe are welcome at Queens
Champion. You know, it might not be a bad idea for some of you to come and
learn some point control. Bring your armor and weapons too. I wouldn't mind
trying my hand at Sword-n-Board.

Gassion de Beaumarchais

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> Greetings unto the Populace of Ansteorra,
>      I am writing to all of you to tell you that Ice Axe is on it's
> way.  Yes, it's over two months away, but who cares?  I need to start
> spouting for the Axe that way all you heavy fighters join us here
> while the Light community travels to Queen's Champion.  I am planning
> many things for the Heavy Tourney that day.  I can't wait.  I am
> still developing the format, but, I will tell you this, it will be
> FUN.  I pray that all who can attend will join us.  For we will also
> be having a great feast.  As I get idea's, I will keep informing the
> Kingdon as to what we will be doin'...
> My thanks to all for your time,
> Thank You,
> In Service to the Dream that
> We All Share
> Lord Liam Gordon
> Shire of Middleford
> Company of the Sable Bridge
> Man-At-Arms to Sir Guy
> LeStrange
> House Strange
> Prospect Bearing Red
> to Ld John Thorn
> House Rolling Thunder
> May those who have gone
> before us always be
> remembered.
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