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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Nov 20 01:05:19 PST 2001

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As an introduction to you all, I am Susan the Curious.  It was a moniker
intended to warn and I am finding that now far more people know of me than
know me in the SCA which I find amusing.  I am curious about people's
passopns and facinated with people in general and also the genetics,
neurochemestry that make them different and how their relations with their
environment produce wonders.  I can find something of facination and
interest with anyone and am a pretty accepting person, as long as I am also
allowed to be who I am and can keep my distance from the parts of others
that are in keeping with my interests.  In addition to that, I have this
weakness for the 'bad boy/girl type with the heart of gold' and so hence
have a ammusingly diverse group of people that call me friend.  I usually
explain it by saying that I am not trouble, but usually it's friend that
it's parents love for it to hang out with.

Ok, the stage is set and my reason for writing.  I have a few questions
that I am curious about, normally just an idle wondering, but these woke me
out of a dream and wouldn't let me go back to sleep.  So I ask for a brief
indulgence and the favor of your reply if you feel compeled to enlighten me
on any of the following items.  This is part of my new focus in life to
embrase my exentric tendencies and go with them, because they usually take
me to some of the most incredible places on the roads less traveled.  As a
note, boy is the Investiture going to be incredible in Northkeep this
weekend.  If you are contimplating coming, by all means make the effort and
you will not be disappointed.  It is going to be AWSOME.

Do you have eyes that feel it too great a limitation to only claim to be
one color?  I personally feel that Hazel was a lovely name for someone's
great aunt, but a pathetic name to describe our bizzare and ever changing
eyes, mecurical is far more to my liking.  If you have these, I have a few
questions for you.  Has conventional ever been on people's lists of words
to describe you?  Do you like Root Beer?  also, any of these other soda's;
strawberry, grape, grapefruit, cream or other odd favorites?

Does the concept of a Meat Feaste appeal to you?  Are you able to recite
the 8 different meats that will be served at Investiture feaste?  Will you
change out of your 'wow' garb so you can consume as close to the 3500
calories that were prepared for you as you can?  I know I am switching from
my Tudor lacings to a nice country celt outfit to eat without being encombered.

If there had been a FCA (Future Convicts of America) organization at your
high school, would your friends suggested you try it out or even your
parents taken you to the activities?  Does Segal just appeal, no need to
worry why and who needs to read the plot; if he made it there is sure to be
something of interest in it?

If you are a herald, when you found it; was it the most wonderful thing you
ever had imagined?  Your friends all consult you on heraldic questions and
the idea of a rousing game of heraldic chardes sounds like fun?  You think
you could win?

What were the interests that drew you to the SCA, are they still there and
how have they changed over time?  how much time has that been?  Is the
community that exists in the SCA a big part of why it is such a BIG part of
your life?  What is the most 'extreame' thing you have done in the who SCA
experience?  many are fine, I love to listen.

Are you a bard?  What forums? fire, wandering, competition, only with
friends, only with non-bards?
What medium or form do your bardic pieces take?  Prefer to use your own
stuff, others (favorite sources?), extemp or other?  Are you described as
shy or outgoing, by people who meet you in the SCA and Mundanly and also by
your friends in the two places?  What do you wish to be remembered or said
about your contribution to the bardic arts?

if relying to any of the questions or none of those things apply to you but
you find these bizzarly interesting, please address these issues in how
ever much detail you want:

Personal questions, mundanly for desire for clarity
    * spelling: one correct way and I always know it, I try and figure I
can learn to master any word or I think Webster was a sadist who has
tormented generations of my people, (standarized spellings are a control
issue to subdue us into being afraid to write (I try, I really don't care
and feel (frustrated or irritated) by those who feel the need to make me be
so conformist and can innocently spell the same word multiple ways on one
    * also, I have to use parenthetical remarks to get across my meaning?
    * and like to use lots of commas
    * no mental illness in family, normal and conventional are we
    * or, oh my I will see your 4 alchoholics and raise you a manic
depressive (normal is relative, just none of mine)
    * IQ, estimated or measured
    * educational background and the challenge was always just picking as
there were so many things I wanted to do
    * blood type
    * ethnic background(s)
    * do you feel there is one right way to do things or many valid ways
that get it done with different foci?
    * do you like rules or need rules to be able to make decisions,
elaborate all you care
    * into religion or spirituality
    * play role playing games
    * read voraciously?  favorite genres?
    * are you like you were as a child?  Various life stages and how you
passed through those lessons
Persona questions
    * go by own name or a persona or have multiple persona syndrome (how
many you have had up to now and how many you hope to explore in your SCA
    * How did you pick any personas you use? please tell about the one(s)
you have
    * computer literatacy, 1-10 ranking with Ulf being a 14 or so (feel
free to describe and if job hunting, dh works for IBM and I would love the
referal bonus)
    * fight, I get to HIT people with sticks? first words on hearing about
it (Knight, Squire or hope to be)
    * borg artisan, I will assimilate all crafts I have access too  (Laurel
or hope to be)
    * I am, have been or aspire to be a Seneschal
    * I am last at site, cleaning?  have autocrated many events?  (Pelican
or hope to be)
disclaimer, I am just curious and would like to know more about these
things.  Ok, I wrote this at the beginning before knowing how long it would
become and wow, I really am curious but would to love to read any short
comments or disertations you might care to write.  Separate posts for each
question if they are long answers at all would be appreciated.  I have a
DSL and plenty of space on the hard drive, so don't let that limit
you.  Face it, as you write the answers to these, you will learn a great
deal about yourself.  I am also a very absentminded person and love using
my esoteric knowledge to make connections, but am unable to always remember
where it came from and even with my extreame commitment to honesty: am
likely to divulge confidences just because that detail escapes me.  So,
only share with me what you don't mind me sharing with others, thank you so.

Susan the Curious
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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