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> a.  as for the knights.  It was not mandatory to have a horse.  there were
> many things taken in to consideration for this position in rank.  this of
> course depended on culture and geography as well as the time period.  In
> todays modern middle ages, it is the fighting, and chivalry shown that is
> what may or may not make a knight.  They are elected by their peers.  some
> take as long as 10 years to become a knight!  also not all shires,
> etc have access to facilities that will allow horses.   Here in oklahoma,
> the campsites we have access to do not allow for that.  also some places
> universities, or church grounds and again pets of any size are usually
> restrictied.

I have to point out that the Knights do NOT elect their fellow Knights, nor
do the Pelicans or Laurels elect new members of their orders. The Crown
polls the order for their comments on anyone being considered for elevation
and then at Their discretion awards  the honor of peerage. No one but the
Crown may give out an award which carries an armigerous title and award. The
one thing that has become sort of an exception is the Baronial Service
Awards, and the last several Crowns have delegated the privilege of giving
these local awards to their Landed Nobility. This could change at the will
of the Crown and has in the past. To sum it all up, ALL awards come at the
behest of the Crown and only the Crown. It's the way it works here in
Ansteorra, good, bad or indifferent (in my opinion for the good).

Baroness of Namron

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