[Ansteorra] Defining Honor: Was Newbie Answer

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Tue Nov 20 14:15:07 PST 2001

   I have read parts of these posts following this individuals's
questions, and would offer the following opinion;
   Honor is something that cannot be defined with words, it is something
that is lived and shown by example. For me, and I feel that it is
something that many in the SCA can relate to, the ideas of honor,
courtesy, and chivalry were not started for me/us by participation in
the SCA. It is however, a group where such conduct is for the most part
valued, and can be seen in others what becomes memorable moments for
those witnessing/particpating. It is encouraged and can help develop
such traits in those who come to appreciate it after seeing it, as well
as brighten the day/event of those who practiced it in their daily lives
before becoming part of this game we play.
   There are exceptions to courteous conduct, but what organization does
not have the aberring minority?.
   Proper conduct (i.e., courtesy, honor, chivalry) cannot truly be a
one-trip destination...but rather a continuing journey in life.


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