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Corey Van Zandt sircorwin at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 03:07:14 PST 2001

Da new guy Said:

>a. almost exclusively, a knight in the time period
>which the SCA recreates, had to own a horse and had to
>be able to field that horse - it was one of the
>primary distinguishing characteristics of being a
>knight -
>Should this not be the case in a organization with so
>many people placing such an emphasis on being period.
>Should not knighthood be conferred only on those who
>have the finances and the other means to OWN and field
>a horse? That way the title of knight (which is
>supposedly a highly respected title in the SCA) would
>remain truly special. The rest could be given the rank
>of master of arms - which is what they would be if
>they earn the title.
>I realize that many could not afford a horse and have
>the means, land, etc. to properly take care of it -
>but as I said - that would make the title truly period
>and special. And since horses GENERALLY have to be
>registered - it would be easy for those in charge to
>confer and continue knighthood on those who have an

Greetings O NEW GUY and welcome to the wonderful Werld of the Society for
CREATIVE anachronism(Creative being the key werd here).  Tis True...when you
mention the word KNIGHT it is often accompanied by a vision of a Warrior
gallantly Dominating the Battlefield atop a Horse or other large beastie. In
combat...any large animal is Most helpful in Crushing the Enemy and giving
an advantage over the grounded troops. In OUR COMBAT....we hold very little
back in the way of aggression....this lends to the REALITY OF THE COMBAT WE
DO...thus we have an injury from time to time but for the MOST part our the
armour we wear protects us and allows for us to play the Game.  NOW enters
the HORSE....A true WarHorse was taught to be a Truly Deadly adversary...How
do you protect from being stepped on or kicked by a Horse??  HOw do you
teach a horse to not GO BONKERS IN COMBAT like MY Squires OFTEN do??  Any
Knight you talk to will most likely tell you that we look up to the KNIGHTS
who DO ride Horses...I.E. Sir ALEXIS......for they are truly the KNIGHTS
But I for one can't remember to feed myself let alone a Hefty critter like a
Horse.....I had a Hamster once....It Died....Nuf said.   ANyway...our
fighting focuses on Prowess with weapons....not on horseback cause they
don't like gettin hit with Rattan.  Tis the Nature of the Game we play.  But
you will from time to time See me Riding one of my Squires into
combat...they're all Quite Ferocious but thats probably cause I insist on
having them Fitted with Real HOrseshoes.

Sir R2Dietrix said:
>So it's no big stretch that most of our knights make-believe we have
> >horses
>that we probably couldn't really afford in time or expense.  Pendarens >has
>Clovis and I have Ajax.  We even all pretend that Sir Corwin has a >small
>deaf pony, blind in one eye, with a peg-leg, named Spot.

Spot Reads this list and has conveyed unto me his displeasure with your
PoliticallyIncorrect evaluation of his situation ..... You forgot to mention
he's Clean Shaven and paints himself blue on occasion.

Sir Corwin von Xanten
Rhoadd High Command
Shire Ffynnon Gath
(Not a Knight fer ma Grammer)

P.S.  In period, New Guy....We would Have to Destroy you with MUCH violence
for displeasing our QUEEN. Acctually we would probably have done it just for
fun anyway. :}

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