[Ansteorra] eating horses and cats, oh my

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To the owner of the Florilegium site.  It's a great site.  I found out about
the email list awhile back and got on it as soon as possible.  Then an email
had your site address on it.  Went to explore it.  I spent 4 weeks just
reading about the entire website.  Finished it last night.  Please don't
ever quit the great work you've done.  Vavat Stefan li Rous)
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> Aurore Gaudin wrote:
> > Lots of laugh.  I wonder if someone would mention one of least like
ideas of
> > the meat group.  Times of food shortages and seiges, pets and work
> > were last choice for dinner.  Thank for the good times now, I just
> > eat my pet.
> Nope, I wouldn't eat my cats, either. Actually, I believe all of the
> recipes for horse that I highlight in the file below are actually
> from southwest Asia and not Europe. I believe the emphasis on
> knighthood and the horse, precluded them from regularly using
> horseflesh. However, if anyone does have recipes or other evidence
> for horse being eaten in Europe in the Middle Ages, I'd like to get it.
> In times of famine, all the rules disappear, including those on
> cannibalism, expecially when it involved the bodies of the "enemy".
> See the accounts of the Crusades for evidence on this. (Maybe I
> should finish the file for the Florilegium on canabalism).
> There is also this file in the Florilegium, but I believe the
> "cat" mentioned in this file is a type of wildcat, not the household
> pet.
> exotic-meats-msg  (73K)  9/21/01    Period and SCA exotic meats. Swans,
> ostrich,
>                                        crawfish, dormice, cat.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-MEATS/exotic-meats-msg.html
> I also, don't have any period recipes for dog, yet. If anyone has
> any, please let me know.
> Stefan li Rous
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> > > And folks, if you find that the upkeep of that horse is just getting
> > > a bit too expensive, you could make it that night's (knight's?)
> > > feast. See this file in the FOOD-MEATS section:
> > > horse-recipes-msg (24K)  8/31/99    Period horse recipes. References.
> > > http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-MEATS/horse-recipes-msg.html
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