[Ansteorra] eating horses and cats, oh my

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Yes, and quite testy too.


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Can't resist, and am not really trying...

When we lived in the Netherlands, we drove to Belgium
quite frequently.  While shopping in Antwerp, my
daughters were horrified to find "parde" (not sure of
the spelling, it's been 11 years) for sale in the meat
shops.  Different culture, different tastes.

Yes, horse is a delicacy in Belgium.

Your servant,

--- "Mark.S Harris" <mark.s.harris at motorola.com>
> Aurore Gaudin wrote:
> > Lots of laugh.  I wonder if someone would mention
> one of least like ideas of
> > the meat group.  Times of food shortages and
> seiges, pets and work animals
> > were last choice for dinner.  (massive snippage)

Do, or do not.  There is no try. -- Yoda

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