[Ansteorra] eating horses and cats, oh my

Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at motorola.com
Wed Nov 21 15:57:19 PST 2001

Synrik wrote:
> Here in Arlington (elfsea), there are a couple of Vietnamese store that
> sell chocolate covered ants . . . . I'm not sure about grasshoppers
> though.
> Plus, anything has got to be better than Haggis.
> Gustave aft Blitzgarten

Have you had real haggis? Or just the stuff that comes out of the
can? Also, there are vegetarian type haggis where the insides are
grains and such and there is no organ meat used. So far, the only
verifiably period haggis recipes I have are this type.

For more on haggis, check this file:
haggis-msg        (94K) 10/25/01    Scottish haggis recipes. comments on

For those interested in making haggis, there are a number of recipes
in this file, both period and post 1600 ones.

THL Stefan li Rous
stefan at texas.net

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