[Ansteorra] edible meats?

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 22 05:23:19 PST 2001

>my husband wouldn't eat our dog either, but he would eat the cats.  He hates
>Going up with a mother who came up poor in the tennessee foothills, we
>learned to eat what we could get or do with out.  I havent had crow, possum
>or squirrel since i was 12.  LOL

Can't remember what it was called, but we watched a delightful cooking show
that had an episode on cooking these meats in the traditional way.  I have
to say, squirrel is the only one that intreagues me, I have always heard
that possum is greasy.

As for cat and dog, Jim said that dog is pretty good.  It is very popular
in Korea, to me I have to say that it makes more sense that the senseless
euthenasia that we (as a country) do with so many.  The cat though he said
is rarly eaten anywhere, as the diseases it carries and I think something
to do with the neural matter making people sick, not a clue personally.

I have seen many a documentry about the eating of rodents.  I like the ones
where they rap the rat whole in leaves and roast it, the person eating it
seemed to enjoy.  My all time favorite though is out of the movie, Never
Cry Wolf.  It is based on a scientists journals from his time in Alaska
studing the impact the wolves had on the Carabo.  He proved that a large
predetor could survive without killing and eating the Carabo on a regular
basis, by doing so.  It was when he ate his first one, with the masses of
them watching that was almost more than I could handle without passing
out.  As he was maniacly chewwing them with the little tails sticking out
of his mouth...  There are no words to adaquatly describe it, definaly
something I want on DVD.

Susan the holder of obscure knowledge

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