[Ansteorra] eating horses and cats, oh my

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 22 05:36:10 PST 2001

>Here in Arlington (elfsea), there are a couple of Vietnamese store that
>sell chocolate covered ants . . . . I'm not sure about grasshoppers
>Plus, anything has got to be better than Haggis.
>Gustave aft Blitzgarten

My kids like to eat their ants plain, they say that they taste like Sweet
Tarts.  I have only tried their favorites, the large black carpenter
ants.  It is amusing as to how persuasive they are, a great many people
have tried them on their recomendation.  The key advice, remove the
mandables first.  Ant's got your tounge has quiet the ring to it....

Only other insect I have eaten on purpose were Katidids.  Not bad, but
don't care to again.  It is when the random moth is inhaled that I protest,
wings on the back of the throat are annoying; but I can't imagine that I
would like the crunchy carpace of the grasshopper.  Is there a certain
season that Balsac prefers them?

Susan the Curious
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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