[Ansteorra] edible meats?

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 22 07:19:55 PST 2001

>nobody has mentioned a new world treat common to most of north
>america .. rattle snake.  easy to find (especially in the southwest),
>esay to catch and process ... quite tasty when grilled on a open

Would love to have some, my husband and sister have told me of it but I
have yet to be offered this delacacy.  In reguards to most things, I am a
very, very curious person and will try an enourmous number of bizzare
things as long as they won't hurt me.  Everyone notice the disclaimers in
the above sentence and remember I married at 18 and am still married almost
16 years later and also can't handle peppers but like lots of other spices
like ginger and garlic.

Once I find things I like, I will always choose them again....

Susan the Curious and very loyal

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