[Ansteorra] New Question, and Edible Meats

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Sun Nov 25 19:48:45 PST 2001

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   For those in the Northern region in search of alligator, I think the
Gator's Wharf serves up alligator in small chunks, right along Eufaula
Cove in the city of the same name by the lake of the same name. (Eufaula
Oklahoma.) I can double-check if anybody thinks of making the trip
   If anybody wants to try the possum, I think that is the critter that
I have a very visibly pitied bowiie knife from a person that I loaned it
to cleaning the critters with it. Seems like there may have been
something in the hide that caused it.
   It seems like it was Count Gunthar who mentioned carp among the fish
category. That would also include gar, although one way I heard of
cleaning it involved using tin shears/snips, and if I recall  what I
have read correctly, absolutely avoid eating the roe of the gar due to
poisonous nature.
   New Question: Can anybody provide me some online source information
about period or pre-period use of the sling, particularly the historical
weapon's dimensions in size and effectiveness?  My very limited initial
attempt did not yield up much information regarding it, and I was
thinking of using it in a non-SCA presentation of information.


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