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Adding onto it.  I was wandering around the SCA websites as usual.  And trip
across slings info that wasn't interesting to me but I remembered it though.
I went back checked the three sites, two fizzled and this was the only one
working.  http://www.artrans.com/rmsg/_newsgroups/huntisl1.htm  Hope that is
right, if not tell me and I'll guide you there.
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> >    New Question: Can anybody provide me some online source information
> >about period or pre-period use of the sling, particularly the historical
> >weapon's dimensions in size and effectiveness?  My very limited initial
> >attempt did not yield up much information regarding it, and I was
> >thinking of using it in a non-SCA presentation of information.
> >
> >    Valstarr
> Sir Romanus would be an excellent resource for this information.
> You could also contact Duke Lloyd about just about any aspect
> of military history.
> Gunthar
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