[Ansteorra] Slings

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Sun Nov 25 22:37:24 PST 2001

Lady Ameline Du Bois posted, in part
   "You can read about David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:49-51.There are
bibles on line."
   The exact purpose intended was to derive the point from historical
data that slings were not toys but deadly weapons in the right
hands...as in David's guided hands that day so long ago...I was actually
looking for it in reference to the Adult Sunday School class that I have
been teaching much of this year, for an anticipated upcoming lesson.
   I have yet to follow some of the helpful advice as regards to what
has been posted tonight, which will likely give me helpful data...my
impression is that some of the slings were quite large in size...and
certainly potent in force..I was also looking at the range for a
'standard' sling.
   I will try to follow some of the help given here.


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