[Ansteorra] When did this change????

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DFT also found out about the change. We used to use one page for Guardian
and two pages for Yule. Now we will have to pay for the second event. The
old way was easier on our Canton pocket book.
Janie of Dragonsfire Tor

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>>Ditto the Shire of the Wastelands, which has one page for Defender in
>>month's Black Star, and will have two pages in next month.  That
>>our three for the year, but we could have used one of the pages for
>>back in April or March.
>Actually, that isn't quite correct. The policy is: up to 3 free pages
>FOR ONE EVENT. Those pages may be spread out among more than one issue
>of the Black Star. This has been the policy for over of a year.
>Per the June, 2001 Black Star: "Each hosting group is entitled to two
>free pages of event advertisement in the Black Star PER YEAR (not per
>event, as it has been in the past)." Lord Stefan amended this policy,
>upping it to three free pages but limiting it to one event.
>Most folks seem to be using this as one page two months before the
>event, and two pages (with a map and directions to site) the month
>before the event.
>This has made the size of each month's Black Star much more consistent.
>Where we were getting killed (before enacting this policy) was when the
>Black Star would go over 2 ounces. The stipend basically pays for
>printing and mailing a 2 ounce newsletter. Even a single sheet of paper
>more was costing us several hundred dollars a month in excess postage.
>By getting this under control, and having groups pay for any additional
>pages, the Black Star is paying for itself. Between this and the fund
>raisers that were done for a few months last year, the Black Star was
>able to repay its several thousand dollar debt to the Kingdom. It
>appears to be operating at sometimes a slight profit ("normal" sized
>issues), sometimes a slight loss (fat issues) - basically break-even, as
>it should.
>Michael Silverhands
>deputy to the Kingdom Chronicler
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