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* ...  If your event is going to get 100 people, that is $1 more per
person it adds to the entrance fee of the event. If its a 200 person
event, it adds 50 cents to the entrance fee of the event. The ads,
while costing groups up front money, will be paid for by the event.
Yes, it costs all of us a little bit more but the Kingdom cannot have
the Blackstar loosing money every issue.

which add's yet another increase to event fees .. as event fees rise,
people are forced to start triaging and attending less events,
individual attendence starts dropping, so the addon fee's will in
turn increase (once new spending plateau's are set, rarely to they
willing decrease) per person - which whill mean yet less attendence
... i viscious spiral.

a better approach, and one that has been discussed before ... fewer
events, focus on more quailty.  there is no reason that every weekend
on the calander needs to be filled.  one important way to do this,
decrease the number of events as measuring stick to judge groups
"health". another, encourage and develop methods that allow groups to
combine to hold events, another, and encourage a higher useage of the
internet as information sharing tool FOR THOSE THAT CHOOSE IT (ie:
please no more tired arguements that "not everyone has access" to
maintain the increasingly expensive status quo)


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