[Ansteorra] Pennsic Cooks potluck

Mark S. Harris stefan at texas.net
Thu Aug 1 22:41:18 PDT 2002

I just thought I'd pass this on for anyone who hasn't seen it
elsewhere and is interested in period food and cooking. If you
want some suggestions on period food items, look in the
Florilegium or feel free to email me. I'll be here until next


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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Pennsic Time
> Well, it is getting down to the wire - Land grab is 2 days away!
> Drive safe, Play safe and remember this is just a hobby...
> Also -
> Don't forget, War Monday [the 12th] is the Cooks potluck, anybody
> remotely interested in period food is welcome to bring food
> [preferably period] or stuff like paper plates, cups, napkins,
> utensils are welcome to come on down to the Lake to our camp
> [SPCA, W-10, on Roman Road near the corner of the Great Eastern
> Highway at the sign of the salamander and cauldron] starting at 5
> pm and ending whenever.
> Heck, drop by anyway for a visit - we are period food
> aficianados, low-carb friendly, diabetic friendly, bard friendly
> and well shaded under trees and comfortable in the heat ;-)
> margali
> Hyapatia Asinia
> aruvqan

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