[Ansteorra] Something that needs to be done

Lady Simone simone at elfsea.net
Tue Aug 6 10:57:02 PDT 2002

I realy like this idea. recycling is not only a big help to the enviorment
it can also add a few dollors to group funds. specialy with all the aluminum
cans brought to events for soda and other consumibles.

this could be an interesting and positive thing at events for all around I

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing

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> * ... Why are we not seeing recycling of aluminum, plastic, steel and
> paper at our events?
> ...
> this isn't unique to scadian events, it's also noticable in all other
> groups that i've observed (including more eco-centric groups that
> should know & practice better).  makes a good case for primates being
> inherent slobs by their base nature ...
> probably, because while some us are blessed by a good recycling
> program at our home locations, not all site locations have similar.
> also, if you don't come from a location that has it, you don't think
> about it - being trained to put it all in the bin for pickup.
> myself, whenever i'm at a event (scadian and otherwise) ... if
> practical i burn my organics and food related paper and i seperate my
> metals, glass, recyclable paper & plastic ... pack them home to put
> on on my weekly recycling pickup (what else if left ???), all under
> the old boy scout adage "pack it in, pack it out".   you brought it
> there, take it back with you.
> along a related line, if you bring some camp gear that breaks - air
> matress, tent, tarp, cot, table, chairs ... have some simple class
> and take it home for disposal.  you packed it there and if it was
> still intact you would take it home, so if it breaks why leave it for
> someone else to dispose of for you????
> 'wolf
> ... personally, i would love to see more marked recycling containers
> next to the garbage cans ... and educating the rank-n-file in their
> proper use.
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