[Ansteorra] When did this change????

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
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True.  It must be listed on the calendar in the back of the Black Star.
Just because an event has a page of ad in the body of the newsletter,
doesn't make it a Kingdom calendar event.  Being listed "on the calendar"

According to Kingdom Law which I just visited on line, one hopes it's up to

"A Kingdom Calendar Event shall be defined as a gathering sponsored by an
officially recognized branch of the Kingdom which is listed in advance on
the Official Kingdom Calendar of Events in the Kingdom newsletter, and for
which the date, time, and place have been published, for free, in advance in
the Kingdom newsletter, and which has one or more duly warranted officers
present and responsible for the conduct of the event."

Is it listed some where else that full pages are required?

While we paid for our ad, the check is in the mail :), an example might look
like.  War Chieftain / Cavalier of the Bridge, Middleford, Bldg 19012, West
Fort Hood, Texas, 13 - 15 Sept.  See web site and Ansteorra Announce for
more info.

I count that as 25 words or $3.75.  Do that for three months running and
it's only $11.25 plus postage.


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> Bob Dewart (gilli at seacove.net) said something that sounded like:
> > Well, probably the most cost effective way to get around it and not
> > more pages to be printed in the Black Star is use the 3 pages on your
> > event.  Use a series of small Notes and Challenges ( $5 - $10 worth)
> > referring people to see the ads for such and such event on Ansteorra
> > announce.  Printing and postage cost is reduced and the Black Star still
> > some money while small groups don't pay a relative fortune for
> In order to be an official on-calendar event, it must meet a lot of
> criteria with publication in the Blackstar. Please check the Blackstar
> for that information.
> You can probably get away with a half-page ad, but Notes and Challenges
> would be *very* difficult.
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