[Ansteorra] LongShip Omlettes at Stargate Baronial

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Thu Aug 8 10:05:48 PDT 2002

Attention all you Omlette-Lovers out there!

The Ansteorran LongShip Co. will be serving their Knowne World Famous
Omlettes *both* Saturday and Sunday morning at Stargate Baronial/30th
Anniversary Event.  This event is going to be held at Camp Camwood in the
beautiful Tomball/Magnolia area.

Breakfast will start about 7-ish in the am and go until they run out of eggs
or customers whichever comes first.  So if you are camping, don't bother
packing the stove and if you are day-tripping, pass up McAwful's and come
buy an omlette made by Real Vikings in a Real Viking Manner!  See Master
Ivar flip out!  Watch Master Ronvaldr crack a few good ones!  Thrill to
Thorgard being a cut-up!  Vicariously agonize with Kolskeggr as he attempts
not to sweat! Wenches invited by the Vikings to "fluff their pillows" (if
you gotta ask-you don't want to know)!Entertainment
and jocularity abounds!

Omlettes are $5.  They can contain any number of delicious ingrediants of
your choice and are absolutely enormous!   Breakfast includes coffee, tea,
hot chocolate or juice and sweetbreads.

All proceeds go to purchase materials for the ship being built even as you
read this.  For those with inquiring minds, the keel is already being laid
down.  So, pack your appetite and come on out to Stargate Baronial/30th year
Anniversary and chow down!

This has been an unpaid-unsolicited announcement.  Inaccuracies are
completely unintended.  Exaggerations are completely intended.  We now
return you to your
regular emailing.  Contact Master Ivar Runamagi for additional details.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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