[Ansteorra] When did this change????

L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 9 09:56:46 PDT 2002

> Well, probably the most cost effective way to get around it and not cause
> more pages to be printed in the Black Star is use the 3 pages on your main
> event.  Use a series of small Notes and Challenges ( $5 - $10 worth)
> referring people to see the ads for such and such event on Ansteorra
> announce.

This against Corporate Policy...you have to have a certian amount of
information published in the Black Star (the specifics are published every
month in said publication) because it is the OFFICIAL communication of
our Kingdom. (If you want to know why read the Society Chonicler's Handbook
which is online...or you can ask the Society Chronicler...since she lives
in your group!) You can refer people to a web page for schedules, more
explalination, etc...

also...you could get by with 1/2 a page or less...by publishing just the

... the Kindom Chronicler asked for feedback several times about
changing the format of the event announcements to just the minimums...and
the feed back they got was that everyone wanted to keep the big pretty ads.
So, the policy that we have is the one they came up with to let us keep our
big pretty ads...

If it wasn't for our penchant for big pretty adds...we could have reduced
the cost of the Black Star to the stipend amount long ago...


> Gilli

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