[Ansteorra] Calligrapher's Job Opportunity

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Christie Ward wrote:
>> > Calligrapher - The Supreme Court of Texas
>>Just out of curiousity (because lord knows my
>>calligraphy skills are nonexistant), what does the job
>Dunno.  That's what was in the paper.  They're asking for bids, so I'd
>guess low bidder will get it.  You'd have to ask the really good
> calligraphers how much they would charge to get an idea of the income

Actually, I would imagine its not really the low bidder that will get the
job, but a combination of bid and job skill level (ie. the portfolio) of the
artisan, as well as their ability to complete the job in time, (ie. a job
history of successful completion).   Best of luck to all who apply.

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