[Ansteorra] Profit...was...When did this change?

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 9 12:34:42 PDT 2002

Heilsa all...

My good protege Annes wrote some good stuff that I've snipped except for one

While my thoughts on this may be simplistic...this topic has been broached
before in many converstations and I wanted to sound off on the subject. I've
heard the phrase, "...but we are a *not-for-profit* organization...!", implying
that we (the SCA, as a collective or as an individual group) for some strange
reason cannot show a "profit".

Nothing could be farther from the truth... *Individuals* cannot "profit" from
their membership or association with a not-for-profit organization. Many NFP
groups make many millions of dollars each year, pay certain employees good
salaries, utilize the resources they take in for their particular purposes, and
retain their NFP status with the IRS.

Neighbors, the more money we make the better. Without being "greedy" each group
needs to maximize their profit through good fiscal management, well run and
managed events, and, if necessary, fund raisers or sales of goods.

What does this have to do with the crowded Kingdom calendar? Nothing....*smile*

DISCLAIMER: If my view point offends some...well, I'm just a good "capitalist"
and don't hold with the "socialist" view that "profit" is somehow inherently
"bad" or "wrong".

*LoL* I'm *not* implying that my good protege Annes is a "socialist"...... The
whole "not-for-profit" matter is just one of my pet peeves...

Leaping lightly from atop *my* soapbox...and instantly tripping...landing in an
ungainly heap on the floor....*sigh* Rising... Dusting off my dignity and
striding into the distance....

I am....

...your good neighbor.

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ
Kief av Kiersted
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

> --- "D. Vandever" <hlannes at ev1.net> wrote:

> > Subject: Re: Re: [Ansteorra] When did this change????

> > I mentioned profit as the second driving force behind groups holding
> events.
> > It is a big one also.  Yes, we are a "not for profit" organization.
> > However, if a small group wants neat and spiffy stuff, ie loaner gear for
> > the marshals or a pavilion *for the group as a whole* the easiest way to
> get
> > the money to do this is to hold events.  You might need to do this for
> > several years to build up enough money to get what you want for the group
> > but it will get there sooner or later.

> > Annes

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