[Ansteorra] Profit...was...When did this change?

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Hey Elsa Right back to you  :)

My good pelican HE Sir Kief makes some very pointed and good remarks
concerning the "not-for-profit" stance and he is correct on all fronts of
the issue.  I would just like to clarify that my comment was due to the fact
that many people seem to think that "not-for-profit" means we *can't*  or
*shouldn't* make a decent profit on an event....While I thought this was
intuitively obvious as being incorrect, that profit must surely *be* made or
the group will swiftly fail to function as a group, Sir Kief (being the wise
and learned man that he is) has also decerned that many may not have the
gift of seeing the obvious and thus has shown the error of that train of
thought.  I  appreciate his clarifications on this point in case my remarks
may have mislead the unwary or unthinking.

As for being "socialist" or "capitalist", I have my days of being one, the
other, both, or neither at the same time....as I'm sure many people do...for
economics can be a tricksey sort of issue depending on the weight one might
give to certain aspects thereof.

However, *my* remarks *do* have a bearing on the crowded calendar...or I
would hope they might.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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Heilsa all...
Neighbors, the more money we make the better. Without being "greedy" each
needs to maximize their profit through good fiscal management, well run and
managed events, and, if necessary, fund raisers or sales of goods.

What does this have to do with the crowded Kingdom calendar?

DISCLAIMER: If my view point offends some...well, I'm just a good
and don't hold with the "socialist" view that "profit" is somehow inherently
"bad" or "wrong".

*LoL* I'm *not* implying that my good protege Annes is a "socialist"......
whole "not-for-profit" matter is just one of my pet peeves...

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