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To Ansteorra, Greetings!

I, Klare mette Katten, am the Autocrat for the Fall, 2002, Crown Tournament.
Herewith I do make some ANNOUNCEMENTS regarding same:

1.) The site is Livingston Trade Days (Hot showers, Flush privies)

2.) The date is the first weekend in November (Nov 1-3, 2002)

3.) Site fee is $10 for Adults, $4 for children under 12, (children under 2
years are free) and Family max is $30.

4.) You should plan to attend

5.) Merchants please contact Her Excellency, Mistress Hillary Rose Greenslade
at hillaryg at yahoo.com to reserve your space

6.) There will be a Tavern all day and into the evening instead of a formal
feast. Tokens to spend at the Tavern (and/or at some other activities to be
announced) will be provided as a part of your site fee.

7.) Passes to the Texas Renaissance Faire will be available for those who wish
to participate on Sunday. Fighters should be aware that the fighting demo
format has changed this year to once in the equestrian arena at 10 AM. Pick up
fights and a tiny tourney will be held at the compound throughout the day.
Contact me or TRF Laison Bowen for more info. I, personally, think it would
make a Grand Display if all the Fighters from the Tournament to Choose the
Crown of the Greatest Kingdom in The Known World decided to stomp around the
Faire... in groups... with their Ladies... and all their Hangers On...

8.) I can be reached at natalie_caldwell at hotmail.com or (281) 859-3043. Call
anytime. I get up early and if I am asleep, the phone does not wake me and the
machine takes a message. Be sure to tell me when I can call back.

9.) More information will be made available in a few days. Watch for it!

Thank you for your attention

Lady Klare mette Katten

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