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Way to go Lord Jacques the Sphinx for his Wooden Box, He's an archer you


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I would like to thank all those who entered the A&S competitions this
year.There were a number of fine entries, and I know our Judges, Lady
Rixende du Rouen and Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir had a hard time in judging the
entries and I would like to thank them both for judging.

In the Youth/Children's competition we had two winners:
David MacFergus for his entry of walking sticks and
Dis Asasdottir for her entry of jewelry

In the Adult Novice Competition the winner was:
Lord Jacques the Sphinx for his Wooden Box

And in the Cooking Competition the winner was:
Lady Morgan Cain for her entry of Barley Creme, Frementy(sp?), and Barley

In the Brewing Competition the winners were:
Lady Cynthia of Scarlettwood for her Plum wine and
Lord Lothar for his Honeyed Amaretto

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