[Ansteorra] Lughnasad A&S Resultss

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Mon Aug 12 19:09:48 PDT 2002

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> Wish we were there.  :(   We got pounded very hard by the rain Saturday
> morning. We tried to come but the rain was coming down so hard that driving
> even 10 miles an hour was a danger. I'm glad we came home, though. Our
> street was flooding (into our yard) and the dogs were soaked to the bone.

We didn't get any rain till the afternoon. But we did get a lot of stuff
cleaned out of the Garage. Not to mention laundry and hanging pictures. We
also had to move stuff from one classroom to the new one. So we did a lot of
work. That is what happens when it is right befor school.

I am glad you all had a lot of fun.  Congratulations to all the participants.


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