[Ansteorra] Re: Ansteorradigest, Vol 1 #677

Cairenn Day cpenny at swbell.net
Fri Aug 9 19:11:29 PDT 2002

 A plug for small events.  Those of us in the groups that regularly have
large events, enjoy the small events.  Yes, some of them could be off
calendar, Steppes has done that for several years with its Fall Court,
however, some need to be own calendar so awards can be given.  Warlord
takes so many people to run that it is hard for all of our Oaks to be
available for Court, I for one usually stay with the merchant booth (too
many loose mundanes).  It is hard to hear the awards given at 12th
night, it is common for some of the Oaks to miss the order being called
into court.  Not only is this a problem, but it is common for us to host
the making of a Peer, an Oak gets lost in among all the Kingdom awards.
My favorite Oak ceremonies are at Artisan, where there is less Kingdom
business done. We need both on and off calendar events.
Cairenn of Dun CuRuadh

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