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Wed Aug 14 04:04:43 PDT 2002

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Everyone who has volunteered to assist with decorating the hall for Artisan, Aug 24th we are meeting at the hall all at pm Friday Aug. 23.  If I am not there right at 6pm be patient as I am expecting traffic to be "Yucka".  However I will be there.
We need rope, staple gun and plenty of staples, duck tape of course and any other tape.  I have a lot of wall hangings thanks to many generous people.

We still need:
Free standing pop-up tents
We also need:
4 Free standing pop up pavilions
decoration to place on the pavilions (including dag strips, plastic or silk vines, and yards of twill)
Supplies for the MOC (crayons, markers, coloring pages, glue, beads (large) and yarn)

We also still need volunteers for:
We need:
Marshals  (Light and Heavy)
Heralds for those who do not have one.  (However, have some largess to pay your Herald).
Water bearers
Set up on Friday before Artisan
Tear down after the event closes

And again, allow me to announce that the judging will begin at 12 noon.

Thank you for your participation,
Viscountess Kate
Milord Padriag Burke

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