[Ansteorra] Fw: Need a Bag Piper for 9/11 Ceremonies

Jane Sitton lymadelina at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 15 12:46:47 PDT 2002

I stand corrected.  But to clarify, I didn't say there
was a link to a list of pipers for hire, or I would
have provided that.  And I did note "for hire", not
volunteer.  Back in 1983 when we contacted them, they
were called the North Texas Clan Association or some
such, slightly different from today.

The person we contacted way back when was most
gracious and helpful.


--- Judy Nesmith <ladydunpiobair at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm sorry but Scottish Clans of North Texas does not
> have a link from their
> web-site to pipe bands in north Texas.  The link to
> North Texas Caledonian
> Pipes and Drums is:
> http://www.ntxcalpd.com/
> Their business manager, Sandy Laverock, left Tuesday
> for Scotland and won't be
> back until the 20 something th.  Don Shannon, the
> pipe major, is best contacted
> through his e-mail. They are not volunteers that I
> know of and charge per
> piper/drummer plus mileage.
> The Dallas Police and Fire Pipe Band (Guns and
> Hoses) may do this sort of thing
> but I don't know their web-site address but I can
> get it for you if you like.
> There is a pipe band in Ft. Worth called Drive By
> Pipers but again I don't have
> their web-site address at hand.
> Bob Richardson (Oban Piper) is in Arlington and
> played for the funerals for the
> fire fighters that were kill in Sampson Park and
> also for the Dallas
> Thanksgiving Square ceremonies after 9/11.
> I don't know of any pipers that are currently active
> in the SCA in this area.
> Slainte,
> Siobhán O'Donnabhain (bosss)
> mka Judy Nesmith
> Scottish Clans of North Texas
> Sub-Chief in Charge of Membership
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Jane Sitton <lymadelina at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I believe the North Texas Clan Association keeps a
> list of pipers for hire.  They are who we contacted
> for my mother and sister's funeral.  Perhaps they
> could refer you to someone in the area?
> Here's a link to the website:
> http://www.scotclans.homestead.com/
> Adieu,
> Madelina de Lindesaya
> Bob Dewart <gilli at seacove.net> wrote:
> Please excuse, but I thought some of us might be
> interested in this.  This is at Fort Hood.
> Gilli
> Anybody who can play Bagpipes!
> We need a volunteer to play the Bagpipe for the 9/11
> ceremony.
> This is open to soldiers, family members, and
> civilians.
> Anybody interested please call SFC Hall, G-3's
> office, 287-9470

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