[Ansteorra] Profit...was...When did this change?

Tausha Walker celeste_namron at post.com
Fri Aug 16 09:46:30 PDT 2002

Greetings to the list,

Sir Kief av Kiersted <sirkief at yahoo.com> wrote: <<snip>>
> What does this have to do with the crowded Kingdom calendar?
> Nothing....*smile* <<snip>>

I didn't bring up the Kingdom Calendar because of the profit/ not for profit issue. I brought it up because one of the ideas was to add an annual Kingdom event to the already overloaded Kingdom Calendar. I'm all for doing an annual Kingdom event. I just wanted to give the list a heads up about an issue I think is going to present itself once we make a move to add that event. (How did my letter get on the Ansteorra list? I could have sworn it was on Redtape. :-) Not that I really care. Just wondering.)

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