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Ritter Erasmus,

If you will look very closely at most period illustrations of the famous Sermon on the Mount/Loaves and Fishes scenario, you can just make out Seraphina, standing behind Our Savior, handing him flatbread and smoked chubs.  There would have been ham there too, if it were only kosher.

As for the excess of beer, my first reaction is also one of shock, but upon reflection, it might be another miracle.  Think carefully -- were you finding beer in Aqua Fina bottles?  That might be a clue.


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The war is over, and the debatable lands now belong to the east, thanks in
no small part to the valiant, nay heroic efforts of the Armies of Ansteorra
and Calontir. Our troops ranged in age from eighteen to fifty six, and each
and every one of them was a force to be reconed with. Of course an army
travels on its stomach, and if it were not for the selfless generosity of
Mistress Seraphina and Master Kinrick we would surely have wasted away, I
have never eaten better at a war, heck i doubt I have eaten better in any
one single week in my life! On the subject of generosity, our neighbors on
the block, McGuires Marauders may have made a mistake of taking in the first
couple of stray Ansteorrans during pre-war week, i think every single one of
us made use of their hot shower , racaous shade pavillion and near riotous
comeraderie. Not to be outdone, our own Oxlade and Maggie also provided the
camp with a hot shower, and far more beer than we could drink, i am
personally ashamed that they had to haul beer back from the war and will try
harder next time, promise.
I could go on and on about how fantastic the camp was and how great war in
general, but I will stop out of respect for those whose lives are not a
little bit better for having been there.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom
Ritter Erasmus Todengraber, Knight of Ansteorra
Pennsic xxxi land agent
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