[Ansteorra] Re: [Dfw-announce] knitted snood

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 18 20:52:44 PDT 2002

> Sorry to be a bother. Does anyone have a pattern for a knitted snood that
> they would be willing to share? If so please contact me at
> lady_pict at hotmail.com.

If you are trying to be historical about it, Janie, there has been quite a
discussion of these on the Historical Knitting list, and to a lesser (and
earlier) extent on Historical Needlework.  There *are* patterns available on
several of the modern knitting pattern lists, but there is no record of a
pre-1600 CE pattern.  Too many people in the SCA use crocheted patterns,
which are COMPLETELY inappropriate.

Historic Needlework:
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h-needlework-request at ansteorra.org

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If you just want patterns for knitted snoods, let me know privately and I
will point you to them.

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