[Ansteorra] Erasmus itis

Tump Laird tlaird at satx.rr.com
Tue Aug 20 14:32:32 PDT 2002

Dear Sir Erasmus, every since we left Pennsic, my lady Gabriella has been
imitating you imitating Cartman.  It is funny here, but now she is doing it
in her classroom.  Did you cast some spell on her?  Is there a cure?  She
does your voice so well that I think you are here.(grin)  On a more serious
note, I want to thank you for the KP duty.  Gorm loves to make good food,
and will feed 3 or 30, but he would rather eat a bug than do dishes.  Your
work in the pot scrubbing area made our work in the kitchen easer, and down
right enjoyable.  You are welcome at my table anytime.  (you don't have to
wash the pots)  I forgot the chili that I made, so It will be served in the
tavern at the October Bjornsborg event.


Gorm the Fat

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