[Ansteorra] Shyster Garb Merchant Alert

Lady Littlefox jinx at cowboy.net
Thu Aug 22 15:05:43 PDT 2002

A while back I posted a possible recommendation for
www.indiagarment.com. Better known as Priyanka's Indian Fashions. I
would like to retract any nice things I had to say about them at this
point and ask you all to pass on this warning.

Apparently they're opening a store in the US via Yahoo Shops and
are trying to push for customers but unless their customer service
skills have improved, they're nothing more than consummate con artists
peddling outright fraud.

I ordered 4 sarees and a white petticoat from them on my first order,
they got 3 of them exactly on and the 4th not even close and the
petticoat in lavender. After much prodding they agreed that they
would replace the saree if I covered the rather pricy shipping or
they would ship it free with my next order. Please note, their
substitution policy says that they will never substitute for another
color! I ordered a sari in olive drab.... I got Neon Lime GREEN!!!!!

I being a sap figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and put
together a small order that they could ship it with, unfortunately
you have to order over $60 worth of stuff for them to ship it to
you.... so in ordering another 2 outfits, I got my replacement saree
in exactly the color I said /NOT/ to send me  if they had to
substitute, YELLOW!, a nice creamy yellow, and one dress
that was exactly right and one dress that is the same color so
technically they had a right to substitute, but the one I ordered was
with a central embroidered floral pattern that flowed down in a V
from the neckline into a stripe towards the base. What I got was an
all over machine tiny flower patterned number that looked like a

I was willing to discuss the matter with them and accept the packages
even though they were not satisfactory but they didn't even offer so
much as an apology until I wrote a harshly worded email a month
after trying to contact them on the matter. They claimed that they
were having email problems and that they would send me yet another
replacement, just to contact them back...... that was approximately 2
and a half weeks and 40 emails ago. I've sent a copy of a reply to
their admin address that asked for me to contact them, once a day for
over a week, and then one email a day for the following week to all
of their customer support, sales rep, complaints and so forth
departments. No response whatsoever. Lost email? Server Problems? Oh
yeah, I'm really buying that this time.

The company conveniently looses emails and only offers replacements
to sucker you into ordering more stuff that they can jip you on.

I've paid quite a bit for this public service announcement so please
SUBSIDIARIES unless you really don't care what sort of crud they'll
ship you and call it 'good enough'.


Since I posted the above with the other places I recommended these
people, I've already recieved one email from another woman who was
taken for the exact same ride, no doubt these people are frauds
and should you know anyone who might be considering purchasing
from them, please warn them against it! I've already contacted
Yahoo Shops where these people are trying to promote a US version
of their shop out of Texas I believe.  Buyer Beware!

Lady Littlefox

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