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>I'm trying to define my criteria for awards....(fall tourney season
>is soon upon us...so I am working up award recommendations.
>Could ya'll please help me by giving your opinions on these questions?
>What is your definition of levels of activity at a local level?
>(so far mine are active, periodicaly active, event active only
>and non-active)

Remember, these are MY opinions and hold no wieght with anyone but me.

Active - is there at almost all of the fighter practices and local events,
Periodicaly active - shows up once a month,
Event active only - self explanitory,
Non-active - doesn't play at all.

>Do you think attitude and behaviour should count toward or against
>an award?

Most definately. If a person is there because they forced to or because they
just want an award, you can tell by the way they act and what they say.
If they are doing it just because their SO plays and they don't want to stay
at home for whatever reason, they aren't going to care about the award and
most likely not going to change their mind if you give them one. Seen this
several times.
If they are doing it just for the award, then it's wrong. An award should be
given because they earned it, not just because they went through the steps.
And if you give it because they went through the steps, how many hours do I
have to do this to get this award. Will it take less hours to get this award
than that one? And who decides how many hours I have to work at this to get
It cheapens the award, it cheapens the person who earned it.

>and how long had you been playing and at what activity level...before
>you got your AoA...(if you have one yet)

Been playing eight years. And I played within the region and a little
kingdom before my AOA.


HL Toshiro Koi

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