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>    I can't answer any of your questions, but thought I would give some
>feedback anyway.  It seems to me you left out the most important award
>criteria, Impact.  Regardless of active time playing, a person can have a
>huge impact within a group.  In most cases, activity will result in some
>impact, but that is not to say you have to be extremely active to effect
>others or the group in general.  I hope that helps some.
>Gassion de Beaumarchais

As usual, I found Loraine's query intreaging and your answer even more
so.  I have heard all sorts of things mentioned for when a person get their
AOA and yes, impact does seem to have a large amount to do with it.  Often
the one ones who get theirs fairly soon, are ones who come in and are
active and as you say have an impact.  They are noticed.  Those who come in
and are a quite presence may go years without being recognized with an AOA,
because after a period of time people just assume they have one.

You were also asking for definitions of activity levels and used these
terms, I will add how I see them identified and a few others.
    * Active -on a regular basis participating in group activities, on
average 6 or more things a month
    * Periodicaly active - have certain activities that they participate in
and almost always at those, but not in ones outside of their interest.
    * Event active only - self explanitory,
    * Non-active - (HL Toshiro Koi defined as doesn't play at all.) I would
also decribe as someone who comes out for a certain thing they enjoy about
the group, but isn't at anything regularly.
Other types of activitiy I see:
    * SCA Lifestyle- at almost everything they can be and schedule rest of
life around it
    * Household is family- they do an enourmous amount of things with their
household (it functions very much as an extended family) and have many
things they do with the SCA
    * Very active in well defined area- these would be the ones who are
doing tons of work in one area and make it to a few other things.  Those
who are not associated with the area where they are working may haven't a
clue they exist.
    * Seasonal- their mundane lives dictate greatly when they have time to
play and when they do, they are very active but may not be seen at all in
the intrim.
As a hospitaller, I have seen many different types of involvement and am
drawing blank on others at the moment.  Oftentimes, when someone is new,
they will attend alot of different things and after awhile end up with a
schedule that fits where they are time and interest wise.  For awhile I
tried maKing it to all the activities of our Barony to best be able to meet
and serve our newcomers and found that I was exhausted and was never at
home in the evenings.  There was just too much going on to fit in with a
regular life, but I have heard from many who were active while in college
that having something going on everynight fit well for them.

Other questions for your perusal, what tends to be the defining marks for
when someone is recomended for the earlier level arts/service/fighting
awards?  I have seen several of these given in the last year or so that
amazed me, as I would have imagined those people would have had those
awards long ago.  Also, I have seen several of our children recieve their
Rising Star and a few of those also their AOA, what is evaluated on
children getting an AOA, as it is somewhat out of the ordinary.

Susan the Curious

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