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> You were also asking for definitions of activity levels and used these
> terms, I will add how I see them identified and a few others.


> Other types of activitiy I see:
>     * SCA Lifestyle- at almost everything they can be and schedule rest of
> life around it
>     * Household is family- they do an enourmous amount of things with their
> household (it functions very much as an extended family) and have many
> things they do with the SCA
>     * Very active in well defined area- these would be the ones who are
> doing tons of work in one area and make it to a few other things.  Those
> who are not associated with the area where they are working may haven't a
> clue they exist.
>     * Seasonal- their mundane lives dictate greatly when they have time to
> play and when they do, they are very active but may not be seen at all in
> the intrim.

I also thought of a few more..



and administrative (takes an office in an administrative capacity
or consulting capacity but only periodically attends functions)

> Other questions for your perusal, what tends to be the defining marks for
> when someone is recomended for the earlier level arts/service/fighting
> awards?  I have seen several of these given in the last year or so that
> amazed me, as I would have imagined those people would have had those
> awards long ago.  Also, I have seen several of our children recieve their
> Rising Star and a few of those also their AOA, what is evaluated on
> children getting an AOA, as it is somewhat out of the ordinary.
> Susan the Curious

I'll answer later

thanks for your input!

Lorraine DeerSlayer
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