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What is your definition of levels of activity at a local level?
(so far mine are active, periodicaly active, event active only
and non-active)

I pretty much agree with your different levels of local activity.  I think
every group has people on all of these levels (and the others that have been
mentioned).  I also tend to think people fluctuate between these different
levels of activity as their mundane life allows, and as their SCA interests
and friendships develop.

> Do you think attitude and behaviour should count toward or against
> an award?

Hm.  Purely a point of view type of question.  I recommend people for AoA's
when I think they have created a functioning place for themselves in our
Society (be it service, A&S, martial activities, whatever).  My criteria
isn't based on:  someone's temperment (though basic courtesy to others is
something I want to see), their age (though I'll recommend a child for a
Rising Star before I will recommend them for an AoA because I don't want them
to miss a milestone) or how long they've been playing (though I almost never
recommend someone with less than a year of active participation).  Is that
person recognized at least by people on their local level?  Are they helpful?
 Have they shown at least a basic knowledge of our traditions and rules?

If someone's attitude is so bad that they shouldn't be recommended for an
award they probably aren't accomplishing much anyway.  I could be wrong, but
that's been my experience.  I don't think it's fair to judge whether or not
someone should receive recognition for their efforts based on what amounts to
my opinion of their personality.  I've met peers and nobles with very poor
interpersonal skills (can I say that here without being shot?).  Heck, I'm
told people even have problems with me... ;-)

and how long had you been playing and at what activity level...before

I think I'd been in between 1&1/2 to 2 years before I received my AoA.  To
give you an idea of my level of activity then, I'd been making my own garb,
been actively fighting almost the entire time, attended most local meetings
(and in Mooneschadowe that meant fighter practice, populace and A&S *every
week*), was holding an office (Knights Marshal) and was co-autocratting the
event where I received the award (an Interkingdom Peace with Calontir).  I
was also attending several other baronial fighter practices a month in
Wiesenfeuer & Namron - along with a privately sponsored weekly one.  I was
pretty active, both locally and within my region (though we didn't have
regions back then).  AoA's seem much easier to come by these days ;-)

Kat   >^.,.^<

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