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> I'm trying to define my criteria for awards....(fall tourney season
> is soon upon us...so I am working up award recommendations.
> Could ya'll please help me by giving your opinions on these questions?
> What is your definition of levels of activity at a local level?
> (so far mine are active, periodicaly active, event active only
> and non-active)

Mine is pretty much the same as yours on that account.

> Do you think attitude and behaviour should count toward or against
> an award?

Definitely attitude and behaviour should count toward an award.  I have often
heard that gentles who are elevated to peerage already exhibit the qualities
in a peer.  I feel it should be the same for any award.  If you want to be
called a lord or lady, act the part.  Actions go alot further with me than
how much campaigning (for lack of a better word) is done.

> and how long had you been playing and at what activity level...before
> you got your AoA...(if you have one yet)

I have been playing since 1986 (17 years <oh, my God! LOL!>) at an active to
extremely active level.  Before I got my AoA, I had been playing at an
extremely active level --- if there was an SCA function, I was there! LOL!

Good questions, Lorraine! Thanks for making us think!
HL John Lightfoot

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