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Fri Aug 23 20:53:06 PDT 2002

  Also, I have seen several of our children recieve their
> Rising Star and a few of those also their AOA, what is evaluated on
> children getting an AOA, as it is somewhat out of the ordinary.
> Susan the Curious
> I may respond to other things later after more thought, but I wanted to
respond to this right away.  I have been in the SCA for almost 19 years, and
my son does not know life without it. He got his Rising Star at 10 from
Michael and Makaela, and his AoA at 14 from Timo and Allyson.  I think that
if a child is doing all that is required and more in the SCA, he should get
an AoA.  It is hard to explain to a kid that has been in the SCA 14 years
and helps everyone and is courtly, and has been 3 groups youth rapier
champion and Guardian of the Queen's Hope that the guy who joined a year ago
and is finally beginning to understand what we are doing here gets an AoA
but you don't because you are too young.  Like anyone else, if the child
really desreves it, give it to them.  By the way, my son is Lord Joseph Mac
Clennon, and a great kid. But I am not prejudice.              Baroness
AmberLea Fairchild
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