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GuyLestran at aol.com GuyLestran at aol.com
Sun Aug 25 22:06:38 PDT 2002

As one of the three peers of Middleford I feel the need to respond to the
email made by HL Gilli.  As for myself, he is right, have made no work
parties while part of the shire and other then recruiting fighters and
training I've done very little for the shire.  However since I know John and
Honor, the other two peers living in the shire will not speak for themselves,
I will say something.  I find this email in extremely poor taste.  I expect
more from someone with three grant level awards from this kingdom. If the HL
Gilli has a problem with the work people do in the shire he should speak to
them first personally before he make slanderous remarks in an open forum such
as this.  I will not speak to the work both John and Honor do other then
saying that John is currently a company commander in the United States Army,
who is deployed overseas, while Honor holds a Society level position in the
SCA.  I think the work they do for the kingdom and the society speaks for

I am not planning on discussing this matter further online,  as it is not
worth my time.  I only spoke to defend my friends.  I will be happy to take
any private emails on the matter.

Sir Guy Lestrange
Baron of Ansteorra

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