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It's only slanderous if it's not true.  I do not lie.  I expect more from
some one who is a peer and a Baron of Ansteorra.

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> As one of the three peers of Middleford I feel the need to respond to the
> email made by HL Gilli.  As for myself, he is right, have made no work
> parties while part of the shire and other then recruiting fighters and
> training I've done very little for the shire.  However since I know John
> Honor, the other two peers living in the shire will not speak for
> I will say something.  I find this email in extremely poor taste.  I
> more from someone with three grant level awards from this kingdom. If the
> Gilli has a problem with the work people do in the shire he should speak
> them first personally before he make slanderous remarks in an open forum
> as this.  I will not speak to the work both John and Honor do other then
> saying that John is currently a company commander in the United States
> who is deployed overseas, while Honor holds a Society level position in
> SCA.  I think the work they do for the kingdom and the society speaks for
> itself.
> I am not planning on discussing this matter further online,  as it is not
> worth my time.  I only spoke to defend my friends.  I will be happy to
> any private emails on the matter.
> Sir Guy Lestrange
> Baron of Ansteorra
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