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No, a baron/baroness is not a peer. There are three orders of peerage in the
SCA: the Chivalry (Knights & Masters at Arms), Laurel and Pelican.
Therefore, one must be a member of one of these orders to be a peer.

There are two types of barons/baronesses: territorial baron & court baron. A
territorial baron and/or baroness is the ruling noble of a barony (like Bryn
Gwlad). A court baron is someone who has been honored by the Crown with that
title, but has no lands and no duties.

Rank: While a territorial baron does outrank a peer, a court baron does not.
Even though a court baron may wear a baronial coronet and be called "Your
Excellency", the court barony carries the rank of a Grant of Arms (such as
an Iris ,  Star of Merit and the other grant orders). Being a territorial
baron is temporary (those it lasts years, it does eventually end), while
being a court baron is permanent.

(Knight, Baron of the Court, and Baron of Bryn Gwlad)

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Isn't a baron or barones considered a peer? If so then Middleford has 4


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>Three, till Tuesday.  Then it's two with one off doing Army things.
>Not unless you have heavy equipment. ;)
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>> Just how many Peers are in Middleford?
>> watch how you look down your nose upon my fellow
>> Peers. you may find yourself hanging from your
>> Feet.....
>> Sir Samuel De Grac'e
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