[Ansteorra] Initial contact and correction of group link

Valnor Scarlet valnor at lycos.com
Mon Aug 26 14:02:49 PDT 2002

Hello once more, seems I made a few spelling errors last time also
if the link dosent work the group is now under the directory search function on Yahoo.
It is listed (should be listed under)Entertainment & Arts:History:Living History:SCA
Greetings One and All

While attending my first Pennsic this year.
A few fellow souls meet and formed the idea of having the "Miltant
Orders" of the SCA pulling together to have an order encampment
at a following Pennsic also other ideas sprouted from these short
meetings upon and off the field.

So those of you within this kingdom (Yes all other Kingdoms will
be recieving this same post)who have personas based upon the orders
of Teutonics Templars or St.John/Maltese, regardless if knight sgt
man at arms monk sister etc are hereby extended the invite to join the following yahoo e-group.

SCA-MalteseTemplarsTeutonics-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Thank you all for your time
Household of Scerri
Order of St.John

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