[Ansteorra] Peers activity

Cairenn Day cpenny at swbell.net
Mon Aug 26 12:37:07 PDT 2002

Many years ago, when Shamus and Karlana were Crown and I was a squire,
Karlana explained the 'circles' of activity in the SCA. The largest
'circle' is the base, it is composed of the newcomers, people with
limited interest (ex. Dance), the old-timers who are busy with the
mundane world (jobs, kids, school, ect.) who are limited in the time
they spend in the SCA, but help when they can, and we can't forget those
who just come out to play.  The second circle is composed of local
officers, autocrats and workers at the local level, these are the people
that we see the most of in the local groups.  The third 'circle' is
composed of the Peers and Kingdom officers and deputies, and the Crown.
This group is responsible for the welfare and health of the Kingdom,
they have a different set of responsibilities than the second group. The
second 'circle' is the group that is most active at the local level,
they are the most visible group.  The base group fleshes out the SCA,
they are someone to dance with or to train to fight or to teach.  We
could not function without any of the 'circles' and then there is a
fourth group that somewhat functions in both the 2nd and 3rd  'circles',
they are squires, apprentices, protégés, and landed nobles, they often
function at two levels at once  and it easy to not have a life outside
the SCA.  They are tired when they become Peers and often do take a rest
from local activities, they have worked and are still working, but just
in a different way.  It takes all of us to make the SCA work.

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