[Ansteorra] Query...

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 26 15:09:05 PDT 2002

> Not to be obnoxious (which I really don't have to
> try to do...) , but where
> do royal peers from kingdoms that do give a patent
> of arms with a county fit
> in?
The peerage doesn't make a bit of difference, at least
in terms of where they fit in the Ansteorran OP. Your
place in the OP is determined by the date of your
highest ranking award. In the case of Royal Peers,
that's the royal title, not the peerage. Royal Peers
from other kingdoms fit in exactly the same place in
our OP as they would if they were home-grown. :)

> If they have a patent of arms, doesn't that make
> them a peer?


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